The Pursuit of Happyness Full Movie review

May 25, 2021
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“Chris Gardner” is one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. He is also the owner of a stock brokerage firm called Gardner Rich. And a good father. Here is his life story. Take a look at the children who study without even a house or a penny to live in. Also, look at the job that only one out of 20 people gets after working as an apprentice for 6 months without pay or trying to make his dream come true.

This is a good inspirational movie between a son and a dad. Will Smith is acting in this film as the father and his son act as the son in this story. I don’t need to say anything strange about his acting ability. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. This film is about a loving father who tries to live, not as a rich man, but in life. It’s because of the guy’s skill and Will’s great acting that it’s so shaped.

“Pursuit Of happyness” ! What it can teach us?

I have seen this movie recently for the second time, not because I didn’t understand but because I liked it
very much. So I thought I would share my opinion with you guys. The movie is based on the real-life struggle
of a man with his small kid. It’s a family movie. The whole family can sit and watch together This movie
does not only show the hard work also never giving up. Relativity Media, Columbia Pictures, Overbrook
Entertainment has done a great job choosing such a great type of subject and presenting it on a big
Story of man in a is, the struggling salesman takes custody of his son as he’s poised to begin a life-
changing professional career. The characters in the movie are also a real-life father-son duo, Will smith as
father and his son Jaden Smith as son Christopher jr. Story is simple and shows the journey of a man growing
from none to some.
All the actors have done a fantastic job pursuing their given character especially Jaden Smith as jr.
Christopher. he’s been a great supporting role in the movie and shown us all that the acting is in his
blood. Being a kid and doing such a marvellous performance at such an age shows how much hard work
also a kid has done for the movie. On the other hand, the main character will smith as Chris also done a good job.
None other actors could have done such a job like this.
Theirs, not a scene in the movie I didn’t like. Specifically, whenever Jaden came on-screen automatically
you just get engaged in the movie. Walking on the street while rushing jr.’s told his father a joke which of Chris
didn’t seem to laugh at… Seems very natural and not rude at all… Also when the main character Chris has
gone through various situations his only source of income gets stolen from him. After he finds it, it’s
broken, now before selling it he has to make it work so it takes much money to spend than he has. He had
to adjust to a lot of things. where office scene was a mixture of boring and not boring from my pov.
Overall movie is rating 8/10.
Never giving up attitude, provide for the family, love towards offspring, Working hard, ready to
accept the truth and positive approach at hard times all these lessons can be learned for the movie.

The movie is good for all types of people. People who want to learn and get motivated by
real-life Documentaries who are passionate about life. Who wants to get successful one day and
have always followed great ideals. “Pursuit of Happyness” is the right film for the people who have hopes
and want to create the world for themselves. I would like to recommend this movie to all age groups of
people. And no matter what age are you of. it’s not late to start and build and work hard for what you
want to achieve in life. The film is good for those who are expecting and on based real-life events.
I would like to give this movie five stars out of five

If you think watching this movie is useless, watch below small clip .. because there is magic that can change your mind a lot! 😀

Watch this before view the The Pursuit of Happiness Full Movie

full movie now you can watch in youtube [reference]

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