What is Huawei eNSP

June 3, 2021
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Huawei eNSP (acronym from Enterprise Network Simulation Platform) environment is a free environment which may be a simulator of Huawei solutions enabling self-study and preparation for the entire certification path of Huawei Technologies. It helps to simulate routing and switching of Huawei router and switch devices. It’s the same as working on a real Huawei router Operating system. Therefore, this environment allows you to completely steel yourself against raising your qualifications and knowledge in handling Huawei solutions and to get the certification of this manufacturer and every level.

The article presents the chances of the Huawei eNSP environment to create an outsized, complex topology which will be wont to learn and gather experience within the configuration and maintenance of an outsized network supported the solutions of the Huawei Company. The capabilities of handling various protocols/dispatches occurring during a typical real corporate network were being migrated.

Also examined the likelihood of providing students or groups of scholars (also remotely) with prepared patterns of such a network within the aspect of later checking and analysis of prepared configurations. this is often a crucial issue because it also can help companies during the recruitment process of the latest employees to verify their skills without the necessity to use expensive network devices.

External link to Huawei ensp documents


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